EP 039: Home Alone (1990)


Writer/director Diana Wright returns to review this a Christmas entry into her apparent favorite genre: young scamps getting into mischief. The gang begins to wonder how plausible it can be to abandon a child by accident at home as well as how stupid two burglars can be to offer themselves up to such repeated torture on this week's podcast!

Diana Wright @thatswright is a writer, director, comedian, and improvisor living in Los Angeles. She is a member of the sketch team Royale, performing every third Wednesday of the month at the Pack Theater!

EP 038: D2: The Mighty Ducks (1994) w/ Paul Dupree


Paul Dupree is back to revisit his favorite hockey movie, D2: The Mighty Ducks! (1994) Paul is confident he will still love this middle installment of his favorite kids-playing-hockey franchise. Marshall and Laura invite him over and together they try to determine which Mighty Duck they would want to have dinner with,  whether Iceland is really that evil, and f there putting a girl in for one penalty shot counts as "letting her play.". Find out in this week's podcast!


Paul Dupree is an actor, writer, comedian, and hockey fanatic from Los Angeles. Follow him on Instgram @PaulDupree and Twitter @thePaulDupree. He can be seen in the YouTube Red show "Broke" 

EP 037: Flight of the Navigator (1986)


Celery Jones returns to the show to revisit a sci-fi kids flick that has more than it's share of truly mindbendy moments. The gang are forced to consider how traumatic such an occurrence would be on a family, whether this movie instilled in us a great distrust of our government, and why no one listens to music in space ships, as well as whether they still love it. Tune in and find out!

Celery Jones is an artist and designer living in Los Angeles, CA. Her work is routinely featured in the HGTV Dream Home sweepstakes! Definitely check it out for your chance to win, and scope out some of her incredible work on her website.

EP 036: The Neverending Story (1984)


…Comedy-actor couple Kevin Stafford and Natalie D’Alacio put the 1984 classic “The Neverending Story” under the microscope in this week’s podcast. Marshall is giddy with excitement for puppets; Laura is leery about the fate of Artax the horse. Kevin wonders “are we ALL in the Neverending Story right now?” Natalie is just happy to finally see the whole movie without parental interruption! But will they still love it? Find out as comedy-actor couple Kevin Stafford and Natalie D’Alacio put the 1984 classic “The Neverending Story” under  the microscope...

Kevin Stafford is an actor, comedian, and musician, and one-half of the comedy duet "Kindred Throats."

Natalie D'Alacio - Stafford is an actor and comedian who's comedy shorts #LoveReadingswithCloro can be found on her instagram @Natt_Catt and her AOL series "Land the Gig" is worth checking out as well!

EP 035: Practical Magic (1998)

DISLI Practical Magic

Writer/Director Yulin Kuang wants to know if Practical Magic still holds up so she's brought it to Marshall and Laura for a much-delayed revisit. She's a fan of the romantic cinema but can't really remember if this Sandra Bullock/Nicole Kidman flick was technically a rom-com, but it definitely has something to with witches and love spells and curses, so that's pretty Halloween-y, right? 

Yulin Kuang is a writer and director living in Los Angeles. She is the creator of the hit original musical comedy television show "I Ship It" for the CW Seed. She is also a fan fiction maven and totally ships Marshall and Laura.

EP 034: Blade Runner (1982)

disli blade runner

Michael Chau is back, but is he a replicant?! The gang revisits the original Blade Runner, just in time to go see the new sequel. Does the "greatest sci-fi of all time" hold up? Who is the villain in this film? Are they all villains? Is Deckard the least likable character Harrison Ford ever played? Find out this week on Do I Still Love It?!

Michael Chau is a comedian and writer living in Los Angeles. His film project "Dick Ripper" has been selected to appear in the Planet 9 Film Fest later this month! For tickets and information, click here.

EP 033: An American Tail (1986)

DISLI American Tail

We're back for season 2 of your favorite nostalgia podcast! Becca Cousineau joins us to review the immigrant story "An American Tail" (1986)! This story of Jewish mice coming to the United States manages to pack a lot of allegory into it's messaging, causing Becca to wonder if this movie needs an immediate rerelease to theaters. The gang wonders about Fivel's big hat and it's mystical powers of plot driving teleportation and also "who told these mice there were no cats in America?" on this week's podcast!

EP 032: Hot Shots! (1991)

DISLI Hot Shots

Fan favorite Ariana Kaiser returns to the show bringing with her a much-loved favorite from her youth: Top Gun parody Hot Shots! We last heard from Ariana during the episode on Willow wherein she couldn't remember which of these two movies she spent an entire summer at the theaters watching. Possibly both? This hugely-successful comedy from a golden era of parody harkens to a style of comedy we don't see a lot of in modern showbiz and it begs the question: has parody's time passed? Should one feel strange for being extremely attracted to Charlie Sheen? Where is the prop-hot-plate-shaped-like-Valeria-Golina's-stomach at today? I can't promise you we answer all these questions but dammit, we try on this week's podcast!

EP 031: Pretty Woman (1990)

DISLI Pretty Woman

Mary Hamilton and her pup Pompom are a couple of pretty women trying to figure out if they still love Pretty Woman (1990). They join Marshall and Laura to revisit the film that made prostitution seem romantic to determine why they were allowed to watch this as children, and a lot of other things come up: are we supposed to like Richard Gere's character? Is this a romantic comedy for the ultra rich? What are the odds on their relationship lasting more than two more months? All this and more on the latest episode of Do I Still Love It?!

EP 030: Newsies (1992)

DISLI Newsies

Darcy Kendall, musician and songwriter, waxes poetic about the first musical she ever saw, Disney's 1992 flop-turned-cult-hit-turned-Broadway-musical "Newsies!" This musical concerning the real 1899 newsboy strike takes center stage as Darcy joins Marshall and Laura in discussing the papes trade, child labor laws, invisible female characters, and Chrisitan Bale's singing voice in this week's episode of "Do I Still Love It?"

Darcy Kendall is a musician, songwriter, and comedian living in Los Angeles. She can be seen regularly tickling the ivories and belting out tunes at the Second City in Hollywood; check her out Fridays performing with "Hispanic Attack" and "Live Rude Girls."

EP 029: The Chipmunk Adventure (1987)

DISLI Chipmunk Adventure

Writer Paul Bianchi loved The Chipmunk Adventure when he was a kid, but will he still love it now that he's grown up? He drops by Marshall and Laura's place and this rock-n-roll movie raises lots of questions about the simple visions of foreign countries that were fed to us 80's and 90's kids. Will this balloon race around the world soar? Or will it crash under the weight of cringy stereotypes? Listen this week and ask yourself the question "Do I Still Love It?"

Paul Bianchi is a writer and comedian living in Los Angeles. He hosts Mythunderstood, a podcast about teaching his best friend Greek Mythology. He also works for Lootcrate and made this commercial with Tommy Wiseau as the President.

EP 028: Masters of the Universe (1987)

DISLI Masters of the Universe

Comedian Raul Garcia joins Marshall and special guest host Sean George to see if they have the POWER!! While Laura's away it's guys night at "Do I Still Love It?" and they've got a movie so manly that the main character is named HE-MAN. Will these grown men reconnect with their toy-loving former selves? Or will the off-putting nature of Frank Langella's Skeletor make-up be too much for our heroes? Find out on this week's podcast!

Raul Garcia is a comedian and actor from Los Angeles and co-creator of "Ruiz Must Die"

EP 027: The Mighty Ducks (1992)


Writer/Comedian/Hockey fanatic Paul Dupree can't wait to revisit "The Mighty Ducks" with Marshall and Laura. This classic underdog story goes under the microscope so the gang can examine the importance of representation, the insanity of Coach Bombay's privilege, and the viability of the flying V as an offensive tactic on this week's "Do I Still Love It?"

Paul Dupree is a writer, actor, comedian, and hockey die-hard from Los Angeles. He is the creator of the critically-praised comedy musical "Afros and Ass-Whoopin's" at the Second City in Hollywood and is the writer/director of the short film "Shuro Kuro". Paul's can also be seen in the comedy series "Broke" for Buzzfeed Video.

EP 026: Strike Up the Band (1940)

DISLI Strike Up the Band

Australian theatermaker Joanne Hartstone Is in town for the Hollywood Fringe and decides to revisit this Mickey & Judy classic. Laura and Jo coo over Hollywood's most shippable couple and the gang ponders things like abbreviated modern attention spans, cannibalistic fruit orchestras, and boy encounters was they try to determine "Do I still love it?"

Joanne Hartstone is a writer, actress, and theatermaker from Adelaide, Australia. Her one-woman play "The Girl Who Jumped Off the Hollywood Sign" is playing in the Hollywood Fringe. Written and starring Joanne, this one-act play is truly a work of brilliance, combining history with musical numbers in a beautifully acted and engaging piece.

EP 025: A Goofy Movie


Rama Vallury returns to rewatch another part of the Disney Afternoon movies, A Goofy Movie! Laura and Marshall welcome him over to watch what is definitely one of the heavier flicks in the animated Disney arsenal, bringing up such questions as: Is Mickey Mouse famous WITHIN the world of the Disney characters? What’s up with those white gloves? Is Walt Disney akin to God to the Disney characters? Rama continues the probe deep the Disney Afternoon Movies on this week’s “Do I Still Love It?”

Rama Vallury is an actor and comedian living living in Los Angeles. He is one half of the sketch comedy duo George & Vallury and check out his cartoons on Instagram @RamaVallury

EP 024: 3 Ninjas (1992)


AY-YAH, dude! Ben Tibbels is excited to revisit a childhood favorite that really kicks some butts, 3 Ninjas! Marshall and Laura complete the trio and questions arise: has the FBI ever faced off with real ninjas? Is revenue from martial arts studios considered blood money? Is this what you get when you dump all of 1992 into a blender and hit purée? Find out on the latest episode of "Do I Still Love It?"

Ben Tibbels is a comedian and actor living in Los Angeles. He is a member of the comedy crew Thirtyseven Robots and you can see him in the comedy-horror flick "Dickripper!"

EP 023: Edward Scissorhands (1990)


Artist Celery Jones drops by Marshall and Laura's place to discuss the movie that taught her to love weird boys: Edward Scissorhands! Will Tim Burton's opus about being a weirdo in vanilla suburbia still resonate with these grown-up big kids now that they've escaped suburban life? Will the original "Tim Burton film" be too Tim-Burton-y even by modern standards ::shiver::DarkShadows::shiver:: ? Find out as we ask the question "Do I Still Love Edward Scissorhands?"

Celery Jones is an artist and art director from Lexington, KY and based in Los Angeles. Her work has been featured all over television, including HGTV's Smart Home sweepstakes (register to win it!) and HGTV's Urban Oasis sweepstakes (register to win it, too!)

EP 022: Drop Dead Fred (1991)


Comedian Reed Brice stops by with their favorite imaginary friend movie "Drop Dead Fred." Marshall, Laura, and Reed take a trip into the memory banks to recall their own imaginary playthings, delve into gross-out humor as a medium, and ponder on how much sex and violence really makes a movie "family friendly." Find out how much on this week's "Do I Still Love It?"

Reed Brice is a comedian, writer, and activist living in Los Angeles. Their hilarious twitter is @thatDangDingus and should be followed immediately. And check out The Sorting Hat Podcast, where Reed and friends sort things into Hogwarts houses!

EP 021: Blank Check (1994)


Finally a movie that let you fantasize about what you'd do as an 11-year-old with a million dollars: buy a castle and easily several million dollars worth of props! Comedian John Clavier joins Laura and Marshall to watch the film that combined Macaulay Culkin's characters from Home Alone and Richie Rich into one character played by a decidedly-not-Macaulay-Culkin. The trio are invited to suspend their disbeliefs in a myriad of ways, while questioning their own knowledge of castle-buying, the ability to buy adult friends, and what American treasure Tone Loc is doing in this movie.

John Clavier is a comedian and writer living in Los Angeles and can seen performing stand-up regularly throughout the city. He has a show coming up at the Sycamore Tavern in Hollywood on May 12th; check him out!

EP 020: The Sandlot (1993)


Comedy Writer/Director Diana Wright puts on the fuzzy sepia-colored glasses to revisit "The Sandlot." prompting some deep childhood reckoning in Marshall and Laura. Was this the childhood everyone wanted? What music plays during your own personal coming-of-age movie? What boyhood best friend did you have a crush on? And of course, do you want a S'more?

Diana Wright is a comedy writer and director living in Los Angeles. Her webseries (with Laura Wiese as a special guest) is caled #Hashtagging.

twitter: @ThatsWright  insta: @ThatsWright24