EP 025: A Goofy Movie


Rama Vallury returns to rewatch another part of the Disney Afternoon movies, A Goofy Movie! Laura and Marshall welcome him over to watch what is definitely one of the heavier flicks in the animated Disney arsenal, bringing up such questions as: Is Mickey Mouse famous WITHIN the world of the Disney characters? What’s up with those white gloves? Is Walt Disney akin to God to the Disney characters? Rama continues the probe deep the Disney Afternoon Movies on this week’s “Do I Still Love It?”

Rama Vallury is an actor and comedian living living in Los Angeles. He is one half of the sketch comedy duo George & Vallury and check out his cartoons on Instagram @RamaVallury

EP 024: 3 Ninjas (1992)


AY-YAH, dude! Ben Tibbels is excited to revisit a childhood favorite that really kicks some butts, 3 Ninjas! Marshall and Laura complete the trio and questions arise: has the FBI ever faced off with real ninjas? Is revenue from martial arts studios considered blood money? Is this what you get when you dump all of 1992 into a blender and hit purée? Find out on the latest episode of "Do I Still Love It?"

Ben Tibbels is a comedian and actor living in Los Angeles. He is a member of the comedy crew Thirtyseven Robots and you can see him in the comedy-horror flick "Dickripper!"

EP 023: Edward Scissorhands (1990)


Artist Celery Jones drops by Marshall and Laura's place to discuss the movie that taught her to love weird boys: Edward Scissorhands! Will Tim Burton's opus about being a weirdo in vanilla suburbia still resonate with these grown-up big kids now that they've escaped suburban life? Will the original "Tim Burton film" be too Tim-Burton-y even by modern standards ::shiver::DarkShadows::shiver:: ? Find out as we ask the question "Do I Still Love Edward Scissorhands?"

Celery Jones is an artist and art director from Lexington, KY and based in Los Angeles. Her work has been featured all over television, including HGTV's Smart Home sweepstakes (register to win it!) and HGTV's Urban Oasis sweepstakes (register to win it, too!)

EP 022: Drop Dead Fred (1991)


Comedian Reed Brice stops by with their favorite imaginary friend movie "Drop Dead Fred." Marshall, Laura, and Reed take a trip into the memory banks to recall their own imaginary playthings, delve into gross-out humor as a medium, and ponder on how much sex and violence really makes a movie "family friendly." Find out how much on this week's "Do I Still Love It?"

Reed Brice is a comedian, writer, and activist living in Los Angeles. Their hilarious twitter is @thatDangDingus and should be followed immediately. And check out The Sorting Hat Podcast, where Reed and friends sort things into Hogwarts houses!

EP 021: Blank Check (1994)


Finally a movie that let you fantasize about what you'd do as an 11-year-old with a million dollars: buy a castle and easily several million dollars worth of props! Comedian John Clavier joins Laura and Marshall to watch the film that combined Macaulay Culkin's characters from Home Alone and Richie Rich into one character played by a decidedly-not-Macaulay-Culkin. The trio are invited to suspend their disbeliefs in a myriad of ways, while questioning their own knowledge of castle-buying, the ability to buy adult friends, and what American treasure Tone Loc is doing in this movie.

John Clavier is a comedian and writer living in Los Angeles and can seen performing stand-up regularly throughout the city. He has a show coming up at the Sycamore Tavern in Hollywood on May 12th; check him out!

EP 020: The Sandlot (1993)


Comedy Writer/Director Diana Wright puts on the fuzzy sepia-colored glasses to revisit "The Sandlot." prompting some deep childhood reckoning in Marshall and Laura. Was this the childhood everyone wanted? What music plays during your own personal coming-of-age movie? What boyhood best friend did you have a crush on? And of course, do you want a S'more?

Diana Wright is a comedy writer and director living in Los Angeles. Her webseries (with Laura Wiese as a special guest) is caled #Hashtagging.

twitter: @ThatsWright  insta: @ThatsWright24

EP 019: Spaceballs (1987)


Music agent Dan Koplowitz throws it into Ludicrous Speed when he joins Marshall and Laura to find out if the Schwartz is with him, along with answers to the questions "Is 'Schwartz' Yiddish for 'penis?'" "Did they ever make Spaceballs the Sheet?" "What sight could turn Laura off pizza forever?" If you know the answers, let us know!

Read all about Dan becoming famous in Finland here!

Maesa Pullman's The Last Hurrah!! project "Mudflowers" 

Oh yeah, here's The Man Who Saved the World aka Turkish Star Wars!

EP 018: Disney's Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Actor/writer/activist/comedian Petey Gibson stops by to watch a tale as old as time. Just in time for a live-action remake, Petey, Laura, and Marshall wrestle with such conundrums as "Does Petey know the words to this movie by heart?" and "Why did that witch punish a whole castle filled with servants for the actions of their 11-year-old prince?" and "Is Donald Trump the Gaston of our time?" Chilling!

Petey Gibson is a writer, actor, comedian, activist and educator living in Los Angeles. They are the creator of and star of The Mary Dolan Show, a live comedy/sketch/improv revue (co-written by friend of the show Sean George!)

EP 017: Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken (1991)


Writer/director Leta Tremblay joins Laura in cooing over a movie Marshall has never seen when they watch Disney's "Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken." This period piece about horse-diving and inappropriate romance was very formative to Laura and Leta as wee children, will it hold up to scrutiny in a world where horse-diving is frowned upon? Will the decade's-wide gap between the romantic leads prevent them from being shipped by our modern hosts? Will they convince the boy to like the girl movie? Find out on this week's episode!

Leta Tremblay is a director of theater living in New York City. She's also the bee's knees and the cat's pajamas. Check out all of her work and her upcoming productions through her website!

EP 016: The Mask (1994)


It’s time for a smokin’ new episode and this time we have actor/comedian Ryan Miller on the show to discuss the ‘90s preeminent physical comedy actor, Jim Carrey. Will the antics of the man with the rubber face hold up after two decades? Is a terrier actually the best actor in this movie? Between tommy guns and computer banking, what time period is this movie taking place in? Somebody stop me!

Ryan Miller is a comedian, actor, and writer living in Los Angeles. He is part of the sketch comedy team Fruit Chicken and currently starring in the comedy series Snack Williams: P.I.

EP 015: Mother Goose Rock-n-Rhyme (1990

DISL Mother Goose

Actress and comedian Rukhmani K. Desai dusts off the obscure Shelley Duvall kid's flick "Mother Goose Rock-n-Rhyme," prompting Marshall to wonder if he still loves it and Laura to wonder why she never even heard of it. Is it a warm star-studded fairy tale hodge-podge or an alarming Sisyphean task akin to Dante's Inferno? Tune in and check it out! 

Rukhmani K. "Rukhi" Desai is an actress, writer, and comedian living in Los Angeles, Follow her hilarious and inspiring Twitter account @RukhDesai


EP 014: Mary Poppins (1964)

It’s time to revisit a film that glorified the service sector over the banking industry! Marshall and Laura are joined by British-American husband-and-wife comedy duo Nick Afka Thomas and Sarah Ann Masse of “We Are Thomasse” to explore, among other things: the mysterious origin of Mary Poppins’ powers, Dick Van Dyke’s very questionable cockney accent, and whatever the hell a “tuppence” is.

Sarah Ann Masse is an actress, writer, singer, and comedian from the United States, currently living in Los Angeles.

Nick Afka Thomas is an actor, writer, dancer and comedian originally from the United Kingdom, now living in Los Angeles.

They have channeled their cultural differences and comedic talents into creating an enormous body of sketch comedy under the banner "We Are Thomasse." Check out their videos on and their live shows all around the world!

EP 013: Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989)

Actor/writer Sean Wright stops by Marshall and Laura's place to revisit "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids." This Ron Howard family comedy challenges our hosts to ponder such indomitable questions as "How does science work?", "How bleakly obvious is Russell Sr.'s favoritism of Russell Jr.'s over his brother Ronnie?", and "When was the last time you saw just one ant?" All this and more as they try to answer the big question "Do I Still Love It?"

EP 012: Willow (1988)

Actress Ariana Kaiser stops by for movie night bringing with her Ron Howard's 1988 fantasy "Willow" starring Warwick Davis and mega-hunk Val Kilmer. Will we still love it? How badly did Ron Howard just want to make Lord of the Rings? How distractingly attractive is Val Kilmer? What made Ariana exclaim "It looks like a cross between testicles and a parrot?" Find out on this week's show!

Ariana appears in the series "Good Game" and the short film "Gyre" (featuring the briefest of cameos by Marshall.)

EP 011: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1st Season, TV Show)

It's morphin' time! Marshall and Laura are joined by game designer and podcast host Alex Kessler to revisit the original season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! For the inaugural tv show review episode, the Grown-Up Big Kids decide to tackle the cultural phenomenon that was/is the Power Rangers to discuss such pressing issues as "How formulaic were kid shows in the early 90s?" and "How many shows were spliced together to make this?" and "Does this contain literally everything I thought was cool when I was 10?" We've got the teenagers with attitude Zordon was looking for on this week's "Do I Still Love It?" 

Alex Kessler is a game and toy designer as well as a host of the "Masters of Modern" podcast about Magic: the Gathering. Check out his awesome toys at www.Kess.co!

EP 010: Legend (1985)

Get ready for a story for the ages as Laura and Marshall are joined by returning guests Michael Chau and Sean George, creators of the Heckler Films series "Schlock Tank!" The gang sit down to watch Ridley Scott's faerie tale tribute "Legend" and as usual, they have many questions, such as "Can there ever be a better Devil than Tim Curry?" and "Why do these characters keep thinking the mean-spirited petulant princess is so 'innocent?'" and "What are stakes and why should you establish them?" Join us as we find out!

Bonus: If you live in the Los Angeles area we encourage you to come out to see Schlock Tank at 8pm Sunday December 18th at the Open Space on Fairfax, where there will be a screening of "Seven Minutes in HELL," a film by Sean and Michael based on an idea pitched by Marshall at the last Schlock Tank. After the screening, the duo from Heckler Films will be taking pitches for their next great Schlock Tank short! 

EP 009: Adventures in Babysitting (1987)

Filmmaker Liz Manashil joins Laura and Marshall to review "Adventures in Babysitting" as they ponder deep questions like "is the big city really that scary?", "why are there so many Playboys in this kids' flick?", and "Which Game of Thrones actors would you cast in the remake?"

Check out Liz Manashil's excellent film "Bread and Butter" through video-on-demand and follow more of her talented work on IMDB.

EP 008: DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp

Comedian and actor Rama Vallury joins the gang as they rewatch Disney's DuckTales movie. Released just before Aladdin, was Disney just on a genie kick for a while? Why is everyone in Duckburg a duck or a dog? How problematic is Dijon and his "generic Middle Eastern/Indian" voice? Find out this week!

Rama Vallury is an actor, writer, comedian, and voice-over artist living in Los Angeles. He is half of the comedy duo "George & Vallury" with Sean George (a guest on our very first episode about The Goonies!) and can regularly be seen performing around town at the Second City Hollywood, The Pack Theater, and many other venues!

EP 007: Beetlejuice (1988) w/ Heather Dorff

audio Block
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Scream-queen Heather Dorff joins Marshall and Laura to talk about Tim Burton's original cutesy-ghoulish gem "Beetlejuice." Together they ponder such probing inquiries as "Is Beetlejuice good at his job?", "Can Beetlejuice even be called a protagonist?", "Is this Alex Baldwin's least-sexy role?" and "Is Winona Ryder the Kwisatz-Haderach?" Find out if you still love Tim Burton's Beetlejuice with us, won't you?

Check out all of Heather Dorff's projects at her website, www.HeatherDorff.com

EP 006: Hocus Pocus (1993) w/ Callista Mei

This Halloween, DISLI? is getting to the bottom of some spooky questions: Does Bette Middler believe herself to forever be in a stage musical? Does "all the world's a stage" apply to lousy, abstinance-shaming kid flicks? Laura and Marshall are joined by Callista Mei to determine if "Hocus Pocus" still has a little magic.