EP 011: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1st Season, TV Show)

It's morphin' time! Marshall and Laura are joined by game designer and podcast host Alex Kessler to revisit the original season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! For the inaugural tv show review episode, the Grown-Up Big Kids decide to tackle the cultural phenomenon that was/is the Power Rangers to discuss such pressing issues as "How formulaic were kid shows in the early 90s?" and "How many shows were spliced together to make this?" and "Does this contain literally everything I thought was cool when I was 10?" We've got the teenagers with attitude Zordon was looking for on this week's "Do I Still Love It?" 

Alex Kessler is a game and toy designer as well as a host of the "Masters of Modern" podcast about Magic: the Gathering. Check out his awesome toys at www.Kess.co!