EP 009: Adventures in Babysitting (1987)

Filmmaker Liz Manashil joins Laura and Marshall to review "Adventures in Babysitting" as they ponder deep questions like "is the big city really that scary?", "why are there so many Playboys in this kids' flick?", and "Which Game of Thrones actors would you cast in the remake?"

Check out Liz Manashil's excellent film "Bread and Butter" through video-on-demand and follow more of her talented work on IMDB.

EP 008: DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp

Comedian and actor Rama Vallury joins the gang as they rewatch Disney's DuckTales movie. Released just before Aladdin, was Disney just on a genie kick for a while? Why is everyone in Duckburg a duck or a dog? How problematic is Dijon and his "generic Middle Eastern/Indian" voice? Find out this week!

Rama Vallury is an actor, writer, comedian, and voice-over artist living in Los Angeles. He is half of the comedy duo "George & Vallury" with Sean George (a guest on our very first episode about The Goonies!) and can regularly be seen performing around town at the Second City Hollywood, The Pack Theater, and many other venues!

EP 007: Beetlejuice (1988) w/ Heather Dorff

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Scream-queen Heather Dorff joins Marshall and Laura to talk about Tim Burton's original cutesy-ghoulish gem "Beetlejuice." Together they ponder such probing inquiries as "Is Beetlejuice good at his job?", "Can Beetlejuice even be called a protagonist?", "Is this Alex Baldwin's least-sexy role?" and "Is Winona Ryder the Kwisatz-Haderach?" Find out if you still love Tim Burton's Beetlejuice with us, won't you?

Check out all of Heather Dorff's projects at her website, www.HeatherDorff.com

EP 006: Hocus Pocus (1993) w/ Callista Mei

This Halloween, DISLI? is getting to the bottom of some spooky questions: Does Bette Middler believe herself to forever be in a stage musical? Does "all the world's a stage" apply to lousy, abstinance-shaming kid flicks? Laura and Marshall are joined by Callista Mei to determine if "Hocus Pocus" still has a little magic.

EP 005: Super Marios Bros. (1993) w/ Michael Chau

We invite you to come with us into a parallel universe where the Super Mario video game franchise was all about intelligent dinosaurs lorded over by a handsomer, arguably less-evolved Dino Trump. Laura and Marshall are joined by his somewhat adopted brother-in-plumbing Michael Chau to divine if you have to judge an adaptation on its loyalty to the source material or can it stand on its own merits? More importantly, do they still love it?

Special Guest - Michael Chau - A writer and comedian, creator of the indie horror film "Dickripper" and the podcast "Schlock Tank"

EP 004: Labyrinth (1986) w/ Andraé Vigil-Romero

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the David Bowie classic, Marshall and Laura review the thin white duke's muppet-filled adventure, "Labyrinth." They're joined by Andraé Vigil-Romero to try and figure out if Jennifer Connelly will ever learn to rescue herself and whether any of the musical numbers add anything to plot development. 

EP 003: The Land Before Time (1988) w/ Erin Tylski-Williams

Marshall and Laura are joined by Erin Williams as they maneuver parental trauma and species-ism on a journey to the Great Valley. It's "The Land Before Time"...do I still love it?!


Special Guest - Erin Tylski Williams - professional wine seller and eternal 80s kid.

EP 002: The Little Mermaid (1989) w/ Zoë Rose Moacanin

Marshall and Laura invite special guest Zoë Rose Moacanin to be part of their world to discuss following your dreams, the merits of dating a mute, and whether this movie sends a good message to young people.The trio re-watch Disney's "The Little Mermaid" and try to determine if they still love it. 

Special Guest: Zoë Rose Moacanin - actress and comedian
Founding member of  the all-female sketch comedy group "OBGY-Not?", graduate of the Second City Conservatory